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Control Cables

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Control Cables
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Control Cables

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We are well renowned Control Cable Manufacturers. Conforming to all the industry standards, our Control Cables give complete security against the forms of electrolytic and chemical corrosion. The purest insulation of these control cable is to bear thermal stresses at constant normal and short circuit conditions. These are widely used for carrying control signals of less power strength.
Voltage:- These cables can be used on AC Voltage up to & including 1100 V or DC up to & including 1500 V. 
Size:- Generally Manufactured with 1.5 Sq. mm., 2.5 & 4 Sq. mm. up to 61 Cores. 
Conductor:- Solid / Stranded / Flexible Copper (Bare / Tinned), Circular shaped, copper / aluminium were conforming to IS: 8130:1984. 
Insulation :- Conductor are insulated with PVC Compound as per IS:5831:1984.PVC / XLPE insulated cables conforming to IS:1554-I / IS:7098-I, BS:6346, IEC:60502, BS:5467, BS:7846 and Customer specific requirements. The Insulation can be PVC –GP/HR, , XLPE or low smoke zero halogen Compound depending upon their application. 
Color of Cores: - Cores are identified with a color scheme as per IS: 1554(Pt-I):1988 as under 
2 Cores - Red & Black 
3 Cores - Red, Yellow & Blue
3 ½ & 4 Core - Red, Yellow, Blue & Black (Reduced Neutral Core in case of 3 ½ Core)
In case of cable exceeding five cores, two adjacent (counting and direction cores ) in each layer shall be colored Blue, Yellow and remaining cores gray/Cores can be identified by numbers by numbers printed on that of same color .
Laying Of Cores:- Cores are laid up with a suitable lay. The Final layer direction shall be kept right hand lay. 
Inner Sheath:- The Inner Sheath is applied over laid up of cores by extrusion/wrapping of thermoplastic material. It can be PVC – GP / HR / FR / FRLS, LSZH.
Armoring: - It is applied over inner Sheath. It may consist of galvanized Round Steel wires or galvanized Flat Steel Strips / steel tape / double steel tape or aluminum wire. Round Wire armoring is provided, where the calculated diameter under Amour is 13.0 mm. above this, armoring is either round wire/steel strip. 
Outer Sheath :- A final covering of PVC Compound, conforming to IS:5831:84, is applied over Armoring in case of Armored Cable or over Inner Sheath in case of Unarmored Cable, called as "Outer Sheath". 
The Insulation, Inner Sheath & outer sheath can be HR PVC, FRLS PVC or FRHF Compound depending upon their application. 
Current Rating: - e.g. Current Carrying Capacity of these cables are as per IS: 3961{Pt-II): 1967. 
Applications :
Interconnection of process control
Communication and panel control systems
Industrial power or control circuits for conveying electrical signals to the associated devices
Suitable for installation in cable trays, Cable Ducts, Conduits or underground buries raceways, and outdoor locations in under mechanical stresses in Power & Switching stations
Local distribution systems
Industrial plants
Commercial buildings
Chemical Plants etc.

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