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Telecommunication Cable

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Telecommunication Cable
Telecommunication Cable

Telecommunication Cable

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Telecommunication Cables : 

We are well renowned Telecommunication Cable Manufacturers. Our Telecommunication Cables are PVC sheathed all throughout. The cables contain individual and or overall shielding with Aluminium-Mylar tape/copper. Tape/Lapping/Braiding is provided depending upon the requirement. We also provide armoring with an extruded inner PVC/PE sheath and overall sheath of PVC/PE wherever required.





PE insulated


Insulated cores twisted to form a pair

Pairs laid up in sub-units/units in concentric layers.




Telephone switching exchanges,

Switch board & telephone wiring (MDF, SDH, DWDM, DSLAM etc.)

Pulse code modulation systems

RS-232 Communication Systems and Digital Transmission networks

For Indoor Installation for telegraph & electronic equipments



Suitable for operation at voltage of 250 Volts.

Cable suitable for conductor operating temperature 70 o C, 85 o C & 105 o C shall be provided on request.

UL approved cables available in CMP, CMR & CMX types


Delivery Lengths:


250-500-1000 meters

Other lengths upon request


Special Properties:


Fire Retardant

Low Smoke

Zero Halogen

Sheath material shall be supplied on request


Telecommunication Standard:


Standard Specification: DOT (GWIR 06/02) / C-DOT/ VDE: 0815, 0816 /IEc: 189 / IS: 5608

TEC Specification: GIR/WIR – 06/03 March 02

Customer Standards like Alcatel, Siemens, Lucent, Fujitsu etc. available

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